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Cloth Bag 38x42x8cm. pleat 220 gr.

Cloth Bag 38x42x8cm. pleat 220 gr

Eco bags, fabric bags, canvas eco bags. Shopping bags.

Canvas bags made of 100% cotton fabric.

Their reinforced weave (220gr. Sq.m.) has not been processed, giving them the feeling of a natural product in earthy color.

 Minimum quantity with printing is 250 pieces and printing fee 0.20 cents / € one side with silkscreen printing.

Minimum shipping quantity in unprinted bags 100 pieces.

Suitable for:

Exhibition bags

Oven bags

Conference bags

Event promotional bags

Shop bags

Bags for art workshops, school activities, canvas bags for painting


- dimension 38 x 42cm.

- from reinforced fabric

- 100% raw and unbleached cotton fabric (natural color)

- long handles.

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