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Brand: L11l kodikos: 3111451
Advertising raja pens..
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Brand: L11l kodikos: 3111270
Description: Work uniform with staple, Strap work uniformComposition: 65% Polyester - 35% CottonDetails: Work uniform with bra and straps with rubber. Side buttons in the middle and rubber on the back. Zippered pocket on the chest. 2 large front pockets. 2 side pockets with lids. 2 back pockets. Zip..
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Brand: L11l kodikos: 311-402
Super market apron "samaraki" 100% Cotton at 235grs. Two front pockets. Cord for fluctuation on the side.402 Liv Apron supermarket, one size 75 x 52 cm, with 2 pockets, 65% Polyester - 35% Cotton, 200g / m²Available in colors(burgundy, orange, beige, blue rouge, green).Contact for more information a..
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Transparent plastic keychain
New Label
Brand: L11l kodikos: 3111418
Transparent plastic keychainTransparent keychain. Transparent plastic keychain keychain. Transparent keychain. Plastic keychain transparent with photo, Advertising plastic keychain oblong transparent. transparent keychain.Keychain dimension 7 x 3 cm, printing on paper 5 x 2 cm Keychain for car, moto..
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Waist apron short short Waist apron short short
Brand: L11l kodikos: 311-400
Waist apron short, Waist apron with central pocket and two partitions, APRONS 400 LivColors: Black, burgundy, cypress.Description: Waist waist apron shortComposition: 65% Polyester - 35% Cotton, 180grsDetails: Waiter apron short. Tying with drawstrings waist. Two front pockets and one for pens. Dime..
Ex Tax:4.60€
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