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Brand: P16k kodikos: 3161724
500 ml hand cleansing gel with pump, Cleanseup hand cleansing gel against COVID-19, hand cleanser for hygiene Note: VAT is included. in antiseptics is 6%500 ml hand cleansing gel with pumpFor frequent use without waterFor external use onlyApply a quantity on the palm and rub the hands until dry.Mini..
Ex Tax:3.62€
Brand: P16k kodikos: 3161723
Hand cleansing gel on stick, Cleanseup hand cleansing gel on stick against COVID-19, hand cleansing stick for hygiene Note: VAT. in antiseptics is 6%Hand cleansing gel on a stick 2.5 ml cleanseupFor hygienic hand antiseptic against COVID-19• For frequent use without water• For external use onlyApply..
Ex Tax:0.12€
Knitted promotional hats
New Pre-Order
Brand: P16k kodikos: 3161741
Knitted hats for children and adults in various colors with your brand name knitted in the hat itself.Monochrome, striped, and knitted with designs or logo...
Ex Tax:3.50€
Knitted wicker gift boxes with handle in various dimensions
New Pre-Order
Brand: P16k kodikos: 3161741
Knitted wicker gift boxes with handle in various dimensions..
Ex Tax:6.80€
Brand: P16k kodikos: 3161715
Mini umbrella monochrome A 776..
Ex Tax:4.00€
Office daily diary - agenda
New Pre-Order
Brand: P16k kodikos: 3161740
Office daily calendar - agenda with the ability to print your logo, to promote your business.Object Dimension: 17 x 25 cmPrinting Area: 19 x 12.6 cmPrinting Method: Screen printing..
Ex Tax:4.80€
Brand: P16k kodikos: 3161710
Shield case commemorative case 9,5 Χ 11 εκ...
Ex Tax:10.80€
Brand: P16k kodikos: 3121416
Cast metal keychainCast metal keychain,Cast keychain in 3D mold, special construction with molding in various designs or logos in 3D.Metal that makes the difference in personalized zinc nickel alloy, glossy nickel, oxiden,In cast metal keychain there is an extra charge on the mold and the minimum qu..
Ex Tax:2.54€
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