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Brand: T29T kodikos: 3291741
Acrylic clasp ruler 30cm 1891TAcrylic ruler 30 cm (buttoned) offset printing insideDimensions: 33 X 5.5 Rooms Ext .: 30 X 3 cm...
Ex Tax:1.75€
Brand: B02b kodikos: 3021717
crylic ruler 30cm 33_1280BRuler 20cm in 2 colors white-transparent XE 25Χ2cm..
Ex Tax:0.60€
Brand: B02b kodikos: 3021729
Acrylic ruler 30cm 33_1281BAcrylic ruler with lid30cm acrylic transparent ruler with lid and inner paper printed in colorΔΑ33Χ5,5cm XE 30,8Χ3,3cm..
Ex Tax:1.40€
Brand: T29T kodikos: 3291453
Advertising ice pens 16..
Ex Tax:0.22€
Brand: max kodikos: 412 mm c adv
advertising metal pen MM-c adv.  Metallic pen in various colors with blue writing. Price is with engraving, Metal pens with logo engraving,..
Ex Tax:0.88€
Advertising pens - Baron color
Brand: max kodikos: 4121457
Advertising pens - Baron color..
Ex Tax:0.52€
Brand: L11l kodikos: 3111451
Advertising raja pens..
Ex Tax:0.98€
Brand: B02b kodikos: 3021716
Advertising stand transparent for cards..
Ex Tax:2.00€
Base tape
2-3 Days
Brand: B02b kodikos: 3021718
Silo tape base 435TPrinting method: Screen printing..
Ex Tax:1.40€
Brand: B02b kodikos: 3021727
Conference leather briefcasePrinting method: Screen printing..
Ex Tax:10.40€
Brand: B02b kodikos: 3021726
Conference leather briefcasePrinting method: Screen printing..
Ex Tax:11.90€
Brand: B02b kodikos: 3021727
Cube with pencil case and case for staples.Cube with pencil case and case for staples.Object Dimension: 23.5 x 5.5 cm. Printing Space: 20 x 3.5 cm.Printing method: Screen printing. Colors: White, Black.Without PaperPrinting method: Screen printing..
Ex Tax:2.00€
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