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Brand: T29T kodikos: 3291741
Acrylic clasp ruler 30cm 1891TAcrylic ruler 30 cm (buttoned) offset printing insideDimensions: 33 X 5.5 Rooms Ext .: 30 X 3 cm...
Ex Tax:1.75€
Brand: B02b kodikos: 3021717
crylic ruler 30cm 33_1280BRuler 20cm in 2 colors white-transparent XE 25Χ2cm..
Ex Tax:0.60€
Brand: B02b kodikos: 3021729
Acrylic ruler 30cm 33_1281BAcrylic ruler with lid30cm acrylic transparent ruler with lid and inner paper printed in colorΔΑ33Χ5,5cm XE 30,8Χ3,3cm..
Ex Tax:1.40€
Brand: B02b kodikos: 3021728
Ruler 30cm 33_1290BRuler 30cm in 2 colors white-transparentΔΑ 31Χ3,8cmXE 25Χ2cm..
Ex Tax:0.35€
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